You're the best, Pamela. I've been following you for years. Love your recipes and emails like this with gift/party/hosting/kitchen essential/clothing,etc. ideas. Thank you for sharing your information with us!

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We love Aspen. Next time you are there, our best friend is chef owner of the restaurant BOSQ. Barclay is an amazing and inspired chef, who works with seasonal ingredients and local farms. I think you’d really appreciate his food. For the altitude - try chlorophyll in your water! Thanks for another great newsletter.

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I have a great game to share. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it’s free. Most fun with more people.

Paper & Pencil Game

Hand out pencils and enough sheets of paper (note pad size) for everyone in group (i.e., 9 players, each player gets a stack of 9 sheets of paper).

On the top sheet, each player writes down a phrase (any phrase) and passes it to their left, along with the rest of the pile of paper. They don’t show it to anyone else.

That person sees your phrase, puts it in on the bottom of the pile, and tries to draw it on the top sheet in the pile. Once drawn, they pass it, along with the rest of the pile to their left.

That person sees the picture, puts it on the bottom of the pile, and then tries to figure out what the phrase was. They write their guess on the top sheet in their pile and passes it, along with the rest of their pile to the left.

This continues until each person’s original phrase shows up in their hand. Meaning that each person ends a pile of written and drawn interpretations of their original phrase. Hilarity ensues.

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I just love this newsletter! I look forward to it every Monday. I can’t wait to dive into the September class. Looks delicious and timely with back to school.

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Love your Instagram and your generosity of sharing your recipes - made potato /squash tarte flavors great but itdidn’t hold together well- thoughts? Also we keep kosher so for your new class we don’t cook milk with meat thank you

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