Thank you, as always, for your very thoughtful and thorough posts.

My feeling on sugar substitutes is that they don't work for me. I literally can tell when something touches my tongue if there is stevia in it. It seems that all fake sugars irritate my GI track. I can tolerate monkfruit and I will use honey, maple syrup or agave when baking (as well as real sugar but will cut the amount called for in half).

My dad who did research on lipids (he was a PhD biochemist) never allowed margarines (fake butters) in our house growing up. He always said, have the natural fat from the butter, not the fake stuff. I guess I carry that over to sugar too.

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Great job sharing the “other side” of this study, Pamela. Thank you!

I read Peter Attila’s weekend newsletter yet truly appreciate your real life examples.

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